For Goodness' Sake!

It takes a surprising amount of logistical tidbits to grow and/or source your own blended teas. So we are making good on our capacity, and making convenient snacks to go with our tea. Retail products are online (amazon) and in local natural-food stores, seasonally at Olympic Peninsula farmer's markets, and now year round at our own Goodness Tea House!  Give us a call or check out our social media outlets for what's what : )


Retail: Loose-leaf Tea & Trail-foods

Locally Grown Tea, Granola & AdventureOn Eats

Available at Country Aire (PA), Sunny Farms (Sequim), Nash's (Sequim), Goodness Tea House (Sequim), Sunset's West Food Coop (Seiku).  We have an online here and Amazon and Etsy are up too! Choose your favorite shipping-portal or email us for special requests or info on what's cookin'.

Organic Drinks, Eats, and Treats

Farmer's Market, Goodness Tea House, festivals, and in the wild!

We diligently work to make the best drinks and food possible, viewing quality grown raw materials as the building blocks for a healthy body as the base concept. Be a part of the R&D team by visiting our market booths, Goodness Tea House, or coming along on a hike!

We are licensed and insured for food-processing AND for commercial catering. Our menu-potential is pretty wide ranging, though we stick to using primarily local, seasonal raw materials.

Goodness Tea House is open Tuesday though Saturday 11-4 as a hub for teatime and organizing ideas. We host skill-shares, community clubs, jazz-jams, dance classes and art parties.  Offering the space for private events and work groups as well.



Revolution through re-culturing: Eating, Drinking, and Dancing Fun!

Our food system needs to change, and I think there is no better way about it than to present a better alternative.

It’s my hope that through demonstrating how what we drink and eat can build up our body and social systems, Goodness Tea with inspire (or prod) other producers to do the same.

We have NO EXCUSES for manufacturing products that harm anyone, or anything. Lets be mindful about the bigger picture, and keep working to love and honor every little bit!

Life can be fun and beautiful; let the divine compost tumbler do its work, let all broken-bones and bloodstains of our present society be turned into the soil. May we work on this garden together and create a space for trees to grow tall and gracious, for flowers to fade to ripening fruits. When we work together, anything is possible. For goodness sake, the revolution is on, and we got this!

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Hello, World! Here is our current calendar for Goodness Tea House and beyond.