Winter Market


Winter is here and we have great seasonal offering for these chilly days.

Tea: loose leaf tea to-go in biodegradable 2oz bags including a re-usable cotton tea bag for your drinking ease.  We have Our Daily Tea, a holy basil favorite containing Ayurvedic and NW botanicals for immune, digestion and core-system support; Mountain Ma'am Chai in Assam, Rooibos with Honeybush and Tulsi variants, Super Woman, a tonic for women's health, great for balancing our systems or to support the extra work we do while pregnant and breastfeeding; Mother Night, a nervine tonic and gently relaxing herbal blend and Top O' the Mate, a refreshing Yerba Maté with peppermint and cardamom highlights.  We are rolling out a new blend or two every few weeks in our retail table, come check it out and try a cup!

Did you you about the Miso Cup or Lemon-Ginger Hotness? We have the wonderful limited time offer of adding a splash of mulberry juice too, it's devine!

Coffee: Aeropress is where it's at on a cold morning! Add cinnamon verum bark, crushed cardamom pods, cacao nibs or chilli flakes to your coffee bean infusion for a unique and tasty treat. As always, our all-organic spread includes cacao butter wafers, 1/2 and 1/2, maple syrup and honey to ritchen and smooth things out.

Hot Food: We have amazing steel cuts oats topped with your choice of melting cacao butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, honey 1/2 and 1/2 and cacao powder, breakfast is served!For lunch we have seasonal soups and spelt sourdough. Examples are harvest bisque, beet chilli, potato root shiitake soup and curried pumpkin.

Sweets: Hot-Date and Date-Nib chocolates have been recently tweaked a bit to have a darker approach with a smoother finish, and the Peanutbutter Nonpaeil Are truly without equal. We also have buckwheat peanut butter cookies, cinnamon date buckwheat cakes and seedy oat fruit bars to compliment a cup of hot tastyness.

Warmth: we are offering scarves and fingerless mittens, locally handknit by Humble Sock Company. Can't beat the quality and beauty of these fine garments.

Hope to see you, come experience the joy to be at the winter market in PA- there may be frost or sideways rain, but the sun may come out too and here we are, connecting locally and growing our community. : )