Now serving breakfast and lunch

Good day!

For breakfast we offer delightful oat-date cakes which are most excellent with a cup of tea, coffee or glass of Maple Milk.  Our oat cakes feature Nash's organic produce's oat groats and maple milk is organic maple syrup and raw milk from the dungeness creamery- yes! You can also pair up your drink with a wholesome and hearty Peanutbutter-buckwheat cookie, sweetened with palm sugar and organic chocolate chips.

Our lunch offering is Market Menagerie Tacos- made with our own GoodnessTortillas (Nash's field corn, avocado oil, sea salt and lime), Pacific Pantry chorus, Johnston farms slaw and local cheese, or organic if unavailable.

Come and try our unique, healthy, organic super foods and super drinks- everything we make is organic, carefully sourced and designed to have every single ingredient have a benefit, a reason to be and packed with goodness from source to process. Thanks for visiting!


*You can also purchase tins of raw masa to make tortillas or tamales at home, or pressed into 4" rounds ready for cooking for an unbeatable fresh-tortilla experience.*