Tortillas are here!

I have been refining my tortilla recipe with the help all my wonderful patrons at Farmer's Market who have become my focus group. Along with masa made from locally grown organic corn (thank you Mr.Nash!), I now incorporate Nash's buckwheat with chia, avacado oil and Himalayan pink salt to give you the Super Tastiest Superfood Tortillas you are likely to find.

They are pliable, a little thick as one may expect from a legitimately hand made tortilla, and best of all taste awesome. No funky weirdness, no GMO, no Questionable Oils of Uncertain Origin.

Simple wholesome ingredients delivering a delightful tortilla.

I may offer them with and without the buckwheat, it does diminish the lovely flavor of Nash's field  corn- but for the addition of vitamins and minerals and the nice complexity it gives to the flavor, I also may not : ) let me know what you think.

Pretty soon I will get my labels printed and have them available for sale at the Nash's farm store in Dungeness as well as here and there around the area- I will let you know when I make it happen.