Gotta keep that forward momentum!

 "Don't get stuck inside yourself in dis-contentment; instead look up and do good work that is before you."  -SE

Somtimes I feel overcome with the disparity between where I see I am going and where I am today.   I wrote those words in my journal while driving, taking my children to school. Late. On the verge of tears. Probably speeding.  Thinking about how much I have to do to really get this off the ground. I've laid all the groundwork but there is still quite a ways to go. Yet when those words dawned upon me it was as though the sun broke through the clouds in my consciousness and I came out of it into the open air. There are so many good things I get to do every day. My work is good work. I am blessed.  

I have these notions of what could be attained if I squeezed the potential out of every minute according to "my plan" and I try to balance that with maintaining a peaceful perspective of flowing where the river of opportunity and abundance leads, which I believe is The Plan that goes way beyond my understanding.  I have this epic mission on my heart to help people find ways to live and feel good about the choices they make. Really know what they are eating, where it comes from and rejoice in the process, the sources, the flavor. It makes such a difference to be able to take joy in what we build our bodies with.

So for months now I've been on the cusp of having a real retail line of iced teas, cold brew coffee, baked goods, loose leaf tea, herbal honeys, healthy wholesome chocolates. What gives? Apparently I have a hard time sitting down at a computer and figuring a few things: packaging with a low environmental impact that is cost effective, wholesale pricing spreadsheets, label design. Things where I have to sit!

But I am committed to getting it done this month, and the clock is ticking. I admit to being a procrastinator- but now this declaration is a part of my Official Story.  I got to keep me accountable.  That is no ones job but my own. Forward momentum here we come.

On the other end, I am making progress at farmers market. Last week I searved a local vegetarian beet chilli which was super tasty. I plan to continue serving soup along with tacos, cookies tea and coffee throughout the winter market. There are a few local places which will likely carry my goods when I get the whole costs figured: 5-acre school, Renissance, and Nash's farm store. All business I really respect, so that would be a joy to work with them.

One fun and practice new item I have at market are Goodness Bites. These little gems are roasted almond butter mixed with raw honey, Himalayan pink salt and either cacao, maca or cinnamon verum to provide a super-food boost of energy, protein and fat for when you need something sustaining but honestly don't have time for it. No rest for the bless'd!

Alight folks, here's to the constant flux that is life! To keeping it real! To holding ourselves accountable! Most of all, here's to doing the best we can and giving ourselves grace that there is a whole lot we can't.

At the beach with Pearl and and a nice hot lemonade. Good stuff in there.

At the beach with Pearl and and a nice hot lemonade. Good stuff in there.