Tea Transformation Time

Hello fellow friends,

We have some really cool changes happening here at Goodness Tea and I’m super stoked to share them with you! For the next two weeks (12th-24th), the Teahouse will be closed during regular business hours and open ONLY for scheduled events and classes, which I’ll list here and on our calendar! We will be taking time for re-organizing to implement some new changes (and also to spend time with family for the holiday). Check out what we’re up to:

First, the Teahouse will be open from 5AM-11PM (Tuesday-Saturday) broken down into a three part schedule starting December 1st;

Office Subscription Goodness Promo (3).jpg

Here are the events we have coming up already, all open to the public. All do have fees but sliding scale/donation based is welcome:

11/12 do-Terra Make-n-Take 12-2pm

11/13 Hawthorne Class w/ Atlanta 12-1pm

11/14 Ecstatic Dance 6-8pm

11/23 do-Terra Make-n-Take 12-2pm

11/28 Ecstatic Dance 6-8pm

*If you’re interested in renting the Co-creative Workspace or the Goodtopian Co-creative Hall, you can get in touch with us by email, phone, Facebook, or coming in! Space rental is available any day of the week.

Second, our Farmer’s Market dynamic is being reconstructed; we’re bringing you the same goodness we’ve been bringing but with an added chunk of awesome- GRILLED VEGGIES! I am off the walls for this one and especially elated it will be us who brings this perk to the Market. I know it’s exactly what I want when I’m strolling and admiring the local goodies and produce and I can’t imagine that no one else feels this way. It will be all local vegetables (of course) and we will grill them all wonderfully for you so you can fill your belly and not be tempted to buy more than you intended, know what I’m sayin’? Or am I the only one who does this if I’m hungry?!

These changes are going to take more than the next two weeks though. The new schedule is set and will start December 1st as I mentioned before. However, the Farmer’s Market change is more tentative but our plans are being finalized and pushed into gear in the coming weeks leaving only financial preparation- this requires new equipment and new equipment costs a nice pocket of change. If this is something you’d like to support, stay tuned for our Kickstarter campaign!

Things are really rolling in a whole new way, cool things are happening, and we hope it excites you as much as it excites us! Thank you to everyone who has believed in this vision and those who support us and we’ll be seeing you :)

So much love,

Venus Nicole (V)

About the Author

Say hello to V; a passionate pursuer of all things health and wellness with emphasis on children and nutrition! She is the mama of one and you’ll almost never catch these two apart. She loves family time and finds deep grounding and joy in times when this union occurs.

V has spent time as a ballroom dance instructor where her passion of partner dancing originated, although she’s been dancing solo close to her entire life. She has also spent some time hitchhiking and backpacking across the country which led her to one of her dearest homes, a commune in northern California. This is where she learned about non-violent communication and consent culture, which are essential and continuously growing practices of hers. This is also the place that her daughter was conceived, the genesis of a whole new adventure and chapter in her life.

Concepts that are important to her include positive parenting, responsible holistic wellness, sustainability, consent culture, non-violent communication, and wholesome diets.