The more we get together...

...The happier we'll be

In honor of farmer's market culture and awesome people everywhere, we are now organizing afternoon meetups at Goodness Tea House to encourage the proliferation of goodness, friendship and skill-sharing in our community. 



Here's the run-down! 

Upcoming Events:

This Friday, April 27, there is a song-circle jam and fire-dance at Goodness Tea House! Come down to join the fun, bring your instrument, your voice, a song or your dancing shoes and lets play together!

Next month: -5/8: Make n'Take essential oil diffuser bracelet. Date TBD: -clothes mend and swap  -viewing of the documentary Garden of Eden Film hosted by farmer Paul Gautschi -dance party!

This is our proposed flow, if you want to do something another time, lets make it happen!

  • Make-n-Take Tuesday: skill-share or hands-on class, tea-blending, natural-heath and home care, knitting and spinning club; lets collaborate and share our crafts!
  • Wellness Wednesday:  The space for our Wellness Wednesday's is to encourage people to socialize focusing on topics that range from grow-your-own potluck, local-food production & preservation groups that promote health and healing meetups. Want to lead something?
  • Thinking Thursday: Smarty-games! We will have themes each week like Cribbage, Chess, Bridge, Backgammon, Settlers of Catan, Magic, Apples to Apples and Twister. Whaa?  Yes! Suggest your games-group and claim a spot to grow your kind of community!
  • Fun Friday: Varying weekly, its a dance-party, a song-jam, a movie-night and perhaps a poetry-slam; at least once a month ending with fire-play when the sun goes down (poi, staff, hoop, etc). 

View the google calendar here, see it on our Facebook page here.

Contact us to get your event listed and let's fill this calendar up: )