Summer Socializing Schedule, & free drinks via Swell Coin!

Im happy to announce we have an awesome plan for summer and beyond to make space for us to get together and do the things we always wish we made time for!

Daytime meetups around teaching (T), wellness (W), local projects (Th), games (F) and socializing (Sa) are the summer focus. Check it out, especially the part where you come in, leave a review and get a free swell coin!

Did you know that we always offer free tastings of our teas? Come see why teatime has been a longtime global tradition, and learn about the great diversity of therapeutic herbs that thrive in our region.

Goodness Tea House is open Tuesday through Saturday. July through September,  hours are 11a to four, with events 12p to 3p. October through June, hours are 11a to 9p, with additional evening events 5p to 8p. 

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For fun and folly I'd like to share the raw notes as we fine-tuned the plan. I'm so excited about this!! This fall, we will add a night-shift with weekly nights for BOGO (buy one get one drinks, T), poker (W), a Craft-n-Mend club (Th), and "Phoetry Phriday" (F) for Spoken Work, Poetry Slam and Readings. October also means the lift of the burn ban in Clallam County.  I went and talked to the fire marshall last week, and she informed me that fire-spinning (like poi and hula hoop) is only okay when the ban is lifted, and if its on private property we don't need any permits! Thpough it would be nice to let Fire Distict #2 know incase a concerned citizen calls it in. So add that to the pending-fun as well! We will also be bringing back monthly dance parties, song circles and other meetups as the nights get longer.

Some of the notable fine-print that's hard to read:

  • Wellness Wednesday: Last week of the month, Plant Based Potluck 12-3pm
  • Winter Wednesdays: Poker Night and Goodness Gambling 5-8pm
  • Thinking Thursdays: Third Thursday Teaology Talk, 5-8pm
  • Fun Friday: Final FriFri Fest, Song Circle, Fusion Dance and (seasonal) Fire Siping 8-11pm
  • Social Saturday: Take someone to tea! Free Treat with the purchase of 2 drinks 12-3pm
  • Sip-n-Paint Saturday: BYOP (bring your own paints) or buy our silk-painting supplies 5-8pm
Stoked! Let's do this, contact us to get your input on the topics and let's build community together

Stoked! Let's do this, contact us to get your input on the topics and let's build community together

Hello, World! Here is our calendar!