Choose Growth

As I am walking down the path to the kitchen I look at the daisies growing in the grass, sunflower seedlings reaching toward the sky and bigleaf maple dancing in the wind. Growing. Facing harsh rainless sandy soil, using sun air earth to grow. Humbled. Humbled by remembering my first steps. Seeing the hand of grace over my life so that I've been able to grow through it and not wither.  A seedling plucked from the earth and cast to the wind hoping it could land, re-root and grow.

I got a booth for a year at the Port Angeles Farmers Market with this hope against hope that I could make a tea company.  I had a old canopy a friend gave me, which had been in the woodshed for about 5 years. I painted it with old house paint to try and freshen it up, scraping the rust off the legs and spray-painting them with gold. I had a handful of healing tea recipes I had developed and a business license. I had my children and a Belief that in this time of upset and family ripping apart I could not sacrifice the core rhythm of our life out of Perceived Necessity. We had to farm. We had to home-school. We had to have the anchor of our contentedness to our community. The children and I, doing life together. 

If I could do this right, we could have a processing facility at home. They can play and learn with me while I work; we could use a lot of what I do as part of our home-school curriculum. Righteous double dipping. Such a dream when the present reality is heart-tearing uncertainty everywhere I looked. But when I looked at my hands I saw callus, scars. Muscle memory for milking goats, playing music, tending children, growing plants. Blending Tea. Hoping. believing the work was wroth the result.

Thank you all for listening over this journey. Crying with me, encouraging me, believing in me. I have been propelled on by the love of my community, and now I stand packing up tea to stock the shelves at Country Aire and Nash's Farm Store.  Sunny Farms is in the works and my web store is now live. I did it! We did it! A year and a half after I stepped out in the mist I have a clean canopy at my market booth in Sequim and I got a spot under cover at the Port Angeles farmers market. I have a beautiful farm to care-take and tea soon-to-be-in stores.

I never knew the journey to get here would be so incredibly difficult but so deeply rewarding.  A wise man once said to surround yourselves with those who alight your dreams and pour water on your fears.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to the Spirit of Hope and Purpose within me and the many friends and family that have come around and spoken life.