Goodness Tea makes the best organic tea and trail-foods we can. That means our raw materials come from close to home, our processes really matter to us, and the end product ought to sustain wherever the trail leads.

Through preserving a tasty abundance of organically farmed and sustainably wild-crafted, locally sourced goodness, we create potential for food to be both grown and made by and for the people of the Olympic Peninsula. Let's feel good about where our sustenance comes from.

Local is Sustainable. From production to consumption, everyone wins.

We source from our friends or people who would be if we had a chance.  By being involved in our community through the farmers' markets and civic-fun, we’ve been able to experience the products that authentically resonate with the needs and tastes of our community.  Now we are open at the tea house and online, ready for retail beyond the market stand at last to bring you that same farm-fresh goodness any 'ol time!  

Teas are drinkable plant extracts.

A lifestyle of tea drinking and ethical consumerism is at the heart of our company.  Water is life and with choosing tea, we are given a cornucopia of options with which to infuse our water. This includes healing and nourishing herbs, roots, mushrooms, and berries that not only enhance and transform our water but our lives as well.  We use many powerful botanicals, local gems and treasures from abroad. Together we hope to create blends that calm or energize, support our digestive systems, boost immunity, empower the mind, open the heart and even enhance dreams.  Tea to provide the nutritional building blocks for optimized self-potential.

Experiencing teatime from leaf through the brew invites a curiosity as to the leaf, root and flower within. The extraction of plant properties begins to come alive and we can see, taste and smell the quality and character of what we are consuming.  For us, this adds to the delight and process which makes tea-drinking a grounding yet energizing part of our lives. At Goodness Tea House, this delight has led to combos of cocoa, matcha, turmeric, maca, chaga, mesquite, ashwagana, licorice root, Don quai and cinnamon verum powers for flavorful, restorative beverage combos. We call it 'Teaology' and include quality juices, like fresh cranberry juice from the coast, ginger and lemon, and locally made shrubs (sweetened herbal vinegars) to as raw materials for or mixed tea-drinks. : )

Real Food and Sweets.

Being at the farmer's market slinging tea and getting to know the farmers fed a passion for cooking and drinking what grows here in the pacific Northwest. Now we have a seasonal-catering business to highlight seasonal produce! Goodness Granola aims to be a great carrier for dehydrated seasonal fruit and our new AdventureOn leathers and chips are the the ultimate trail food. We blend peninsula produce to make versatile survival snacks. Eat 'em plain or just add hot water!

Our sweets were developed to be gentle for those of us concerned with food causing inflammation; and are thus made with organic, raw and whole-food sweetners, Gluten-Free flours, no fillers and as much nutrition as the recipe will allow without sacrificing flavor.  We have 4 cookies, 5 different chocolates, raw honey & coconut macaroons, and a bunch of cakes and other niceties as the season ebbs and flows. All our cocoa is fair-trade!.

Life is an adventure; be excellent to each-other!


(and yourself!!! Don't forget!)